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How To Save Your Love At A Distance

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For various reasons, many couples have to live far apart: sometimes in another city, and sometimes on different sides of the world. Relationships at a distance are a real test for lovers. How not to lose feelings? What advantages and disadvantages does this kind of relationship have? Our advice at mailorderussianbride.com will help you understand.

beautiful Russian girls

Beautiful Russian girls

  • Disadvantages of a long separation lie on the surface: you won’t find a person who does not miss his second half during separation. Yearning does not add positive feelings, does it? The next phase of yearning can be considered jealousy. Constant thoughts about whether your soul mate has met a new interesting personality or not, is unlikely to lead you to positive thinking.
  • Freshness of feelings. Love at a distance has its advantages: partners who rarely see each other, have a much better chance to keep the tenderness and passion in the relationship. Such couples appreciate the time spent together, trying to make it as pleasant and romantic as possible. People in relationships of this kind often retain their individuality. They are more independent and have more opportunities for self-realization. Couples who live together often do not have enough this feature.
  • The main secret of happy relations is permanent communication. Try to communicate as often as possible with your soul mate: Skype, mobile phone, favorite website or ordinary mail will help you not only be aware of new events, but also feel closer.
  • Sense of “We”. Aspiring to self-development, do not forget about your partner, otherwise one day your interests will disperse. Think up your rituals – funny, romantic or just for certain holidays – so you can maintain a sense of “we” – a sense of the integrity of your couple.
  • Useful disputes. Couples, where partners rarely see each other, rarely quarrel in order not to waste precious minutes. But this is not a reason not to argue at all – disputes are important for the relationship, if they are easily solved. Never sink to insults – if your sides are different, try to come to a compromise. Constructive disputes can make your couple’s life brighter, and the relationship – stronger.
  • Joint future. Partners who are in a relationship at a distance should know if they have a common future, otherwise, at one point it turns out that you have different views on this issue. In order to maintain a relationship, both partners must make efforts. Think about positive things, try to put yourself in the place of a partner and then you will succeed!
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It’s important to point out that not only distance relationship, but also online dating has its benefits. On the Internet your interlocutor likes not only a beautiful appearance in a photo, which often turns out to be wrong in reality, but your character and intellect. But it is worthwhile to consider other positive aspects of online dating:

  • New friends. Undisputed plus of online dating is to expand the circle of acquaintances. Online dating gives an opportunity to meet new people, even those who for some reason can not do this in real life.
  • Basic information. Thanks to the Internet, you can not approach a casual person with an unknown character on the street, and decide in advance whether you are handsome or not. Despite the fact that a virtual friend is not visible to us, we can draw certain conclusions from his questionnaire and photos.
  • The Internet erases the border. It does not matter in which country your friend is located, who he is by social status, on the Internet this is not so important. On the Internet, you can meet anyone, from the janitor to the businessman, whereas in real life people from different social strata get to know practically unreal.
  • In virtual reality, people are more sincere than in real life. In the questionnaire, they often express the purpose of their search. Often in men’s questionnaires you can read: “A married man is looking for a mistress”, “I am looking for a girl for sex“, “I am looking for a girl to create a family.”

But also there exist some disadvantages. For example, your partner rarely answers you. This is evidence that at the moment she is not interested in your communication. If you think that your interlocutor is exactly the one you need, look for a way to stand out from the crowd. One more negative feature is a lot of compliments. The more a person admires your photos, the less you believe that these compliments are really sincere.

Whether it’s worth spending time looking for a partner in a social network, it’s up to you. However, it is worth noting that the pros undoubtedly cover all the disadvantages of this type of dating.