russian woman for marriage from Moscow

My character is kind, tender, womanly, romantic, sensual, faithful and dynamic girl. I try to be patient, tolerant to people and their words, I try to stay away from conflicts.
I have always been interested in art and in music, I had graduated from a musical school. I also love travelling, swimming, cycling, being in the natural surroundings, fitness. I am communicative, and I like people who can talk about different things. I love sincerity, kindness, wisdom, honesty. I can t communicate with liars, egoists, greedy people and mean people. I’d like to meet someone who is intelligent, fun and interesting. I am a romantic girl and I would like to meet romantic person, I love to do romantic things.

I love to surprise that special some one in my life. I am not into drama and do not play games. I would love to have some one to snuggle with when it’s cold, who enjoys the smaller things in life. Someone who enjoys holding hands as we walk down the street. Someone who I can have an intelligent and insightful conversation with. Someone with similar interests, but also interests of him own so we can share. I’m ready to meet someone I can enjoy just being around. I live with hope to meet a person who will love me, and who I will love. He would be my dear husband and my children s father in future. I want to have a good family, to love, and be loved.