Russian dating woman from Omsk

I am very romantic and dreamy person. I don’t’ know if it is good nowadays but still I am… I dream to find my special one, the man with whom I’ll be able to feel like behind the safe wall. I am kind, merry, tender and caring person. I like to take care about my son, about my house. The proverb “My house is my castle” is really about me. I feel safe inside my apartment, this is really my castle where I can hide from all the unpleasant things of the day. I like animals very much.

One of my hobbies is reading. Unfortunately I have not enough time for it. Work, son and household take most of my time, but when I have a free minute I try to read something interesting…Wanna know more about me? Make a step towards… I think that knowing person’s interests is very important. There are a lot of things in my life I am interested in. It is reading, music (especially classical one), children (especially my son), and my work.

I have always remembered the proverb “A sound mind in a sound body”, and I try to follow this saying. Fortunately I manage to do that, almost all my working days are connected with sport. I like meeting with my friends, they are very important to me. I want to meet a man who wants to have a strong friendly family, go shoulder to shoulder together with me for the whole life. I look for a man abroad because I have always thought that Western men value and respect women, they really want to build a family, they are reliable.

I have always thought that they look for a woman who can cook delicious dishes, who can meet guests, create cosiness in the house. A lot of my friends married western men successfully and they told me about the great differences between western and Ukrainian men. You know, I always see you in my dreams… You hold my hand in your strong one. I feel comfortable and calm with you.. I am waiting for you! Life has taught me to pay attention to the inner beauty of a person but not to the outer look. So I am not looking for a man with a dark hair only or for a man who has a body of Apollo, I am just looking for a “real man”!

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